Removing Private Information – DIY

There’s likely an abundance of information about you available on the Internet. Online directories and databases offer this data either free or for a fee. Fortunately, you can remove your personal details from some of these online databases. You might be wondering how your name, address, telephone number and, often, date of birth ended up on the net? Information is … Read More

DIY – DMCA Takedown Letter

Online Reputation Management Tools We can assist with various letters to search engines and webmasters. If you wish to contact search engines directly their addresses are below. DMCA Takedown Notice Sample December 21, 2012 Sender Information: Joe Plumber Boring, OR, 85012, USA Recipient Information: User Support Google, Inc. Mountain View, CA, 94043, USA Sent via: REGISTERED MAIL Re: Dear User Support: I … Read More

Free Individual Reputation Management Monitoring

Monitor what is being said about you or your company and protect yourself. Online Reputation Management Tools Free Social Media Monitoring While paying for monitoring can be very effective, individuals can use free tools to monitor their brand online. Below is a number of free, quick, easy and effective approaches to monitor results for your name. Google Alerts for Free Individual … Read More

Free Reputation Individual Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management Tools With the advent of online tools that make it easy to share information, meet new people and keep in touch faster than ever, Individual Reputation Management has taken on a twofold dimension. Individuals and businesses no longer have to worry about their Reputation in real life but in the virtual world as well, making it twice … Read More

Defamation Law 2

Defamation Law Part 2: Successful strategies to deal with online defamation Although it is difficult to get a successful result in an online defamation issue, it can be done by carefully establishing who is making the comment, and where they are based.  Other important considerations are how damaging the comments are and whether threats might drive the defamer to make … Read More

Defamation Law I

Defamation Law Part I The internet has radically changed the nature of defamation law.  While it was once a specialized subject left to media lawyers it is now a topic on which most internet lawyers have to advise.  Internet defamation is, however, dramatically different from more traditional defamation cases. Comments made on the internet can be instantly and indefinitely accessible … Read More