We Guarantee All SEO Work In Writing!

Individual Guarantees for SEO and Comprehensive SEO Services

If you subscribe to our monthly SEO services package and your website fails to be indexed because of any work we did or failed to do, according to the terms of our agreement, we will provide you with free monthly SEO services until your site is properly indexed by at least two major search engines, and showing up in the top ten results for at least five major regional keyphrase searches on Google.

If your site does not achieve marked improvement, within 6 months of our work going live, under our SEO Guarantee, we will provide you with free monthly SEO services until your site displays marked improvement.

Because each job is unique, we work with you to customize an individual guarantee based on your work specifications.

Quality of Service Guarantee

Gadook guarantees that we will follow published online optimization best practices and standards, and that the quality of our service meets or exceeds published search engine optimization services standards.

We always adhere to the American Marketing Association Code of Ethics.

Gadook will never intentionally violate the Google Terms of Service or any information presented in Google Information for Webmasters, Yahoo! Terms of Service, Bing Webmaster Guidelines, or any other terms of service published by major search engines and directories.

The Gadook guarantee never uses banned or questionable practices such as:
Throwaway / Shadow domains
Link Farming
Mirror pages and sites
Improper redirects
Meta Data forgery
Hidden or invisible links
Hidden or invisible text
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising arbitrage
Keyword stuffing
Special browser software
Spyware / Scumware / Adware or Malware
Unauthorized automated queries

Our Commitment to Our Monthly Services Clients

  • Guarantee 1: For as long as you are on an active monthly service agreement with us we will not take on any new client that is in direct competition with your business.
  • Guarantee 2: If we SEO your website and it fails to be indexed because of any work we did or failed to do according to the terms of your agreement, your monthly SEO services are 100% free until your site is properly indexed by at least two major search engines.
  • Guarantee 3:  We will not outsource your job to a third party or foreign country.
  • Guarantee 4:  We will not use any method to boost your website performance that would be considered “blackhat” under the terms of Google Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Guarantee 5:  If we fail to meet mutually agreed upon keyword search engine placement, we will continuing optimizing and marketing your website for free until we do.

How can you offer guarantees?

Gadook promises to present a transparent and up front process. We will clearly explain any steps recommended to be taken on behalf of your site before any changes take place.

Gadook guarantees to never intentionally violate the trademarks or copyrights of others. This means that we will never pursue a strategy based on stolen copyrighted material, businesses trademarks, or other intellectual property of the competition.

As a part of our process, a written estimate or proposal for search engine optimization services is provided. Gadook’s services are available according to current hourly rates, based on a good faith time and materials estimate.

Day to day, the search engine environment, algorithm and system changes and evolves. Gadook guarantees that our SEO experts will remain at the cutting edge of this marketing discipline, ensuring your efforts are provided with the best expertise.

At Gadook, we guarantee to strive every day for rapid responsiveness, strategic accuracy, bottom-line reliability and personal courtesy.

No Long Term Commitments

All service agreements are on a month to month basis.  Cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

* Major search engines are: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL.

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